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Lodge Resort Hospitality In Room Custom Wood Signage
Wood Check Presenters Bill Boxes Our rustic wood check presenter is a modern and unique way to present your patrons with their bill. It has its own natural grace, skilfully handcrafted to hold your customer's check, receipt, pen for signing and after-dinner mints, while keeping cash tips and payments out of sight in high traffic restaurants and bars.
Wooden Check Presenter Oak Bill Box

Oak Bill Box

Presenting the bill in unusual fashion, our hand crafted bill boxes do just that. We engrave your restaurant logo on the box lid for a classy presentation.

Walnut Wood Modern Check Presenter

Walnut Bill Box

Our walnut Check Presenter gives a classy and elegant last impression for your patrons. Its deep rich tones match well with a sophisticated decor.

White Ash Wood Bill Box for a Modern Check Presentation

White Ash Bill Box

Hand-crafted white ash wooden Bill Box, an earthy and fresh approach to luxurious restaurant check presentation.

Custom Wooden Restaurant Bill Box

Custom Designs

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